Fabled Guardian Dragon


«Scene: the chaorrupted Guardian Dragon transforms back to normal after being defeated by the Hero»

Guardian Dragon: Mortal, you have freed me from the clutches of Chaos. I thank you.

Hero: No problem! Beating the Chaos out of monsters is what I do best.

«Hero looks back»

Hero: Hey Fae, coast is clear!

«Fae pokes her head into frame»

Guardian Dragon: AHH the Shapeshifter. I have been expecting you. For a very long time.

Fae: Then you must be… hungry.

Guardian Dragon: Yes. I am very hungry. But that is not why I summoned you here.
Guardian Dragon: We go way back, Shapeshifter. I sense you do not recall our relationship.

Fae: I… I… I was your girlfriend?! ACHOO!

«Fae turns into a miniature pink dragon»

Guardian Dragon: Your appearance doth change, Shapeshifter, but your silliness remains consistent.

Guardian Dragon: Memories are a fickle thing. Easily corrupted. Good thing I always keep a backup.

«Scene zooms in on the Guardian Dragon's eye»

«Scene: Aria, Ash, Cysero, and Valencia in a town with a tower and a portal in the background»

Long ago, well before the age of Chaos…
I watched over the Guardians who protected the fabled city of Falconreach and its legendary treasure.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a young, completely human Fae in a room with a Sneevil, an Aqueevil, and a tiny Wind Elemental, with two Guardians watching her»

The Guardians took in orphans, young Shapeshifter, after your parents lost their lives during the Elemental War.

«Screen shakes»

<Scene fades»

«Scene: Guardians (and Ash) fighting Elementals»

Then the Elementals attacked Falconreach. Your Guardians went to aid the others and demanded that you remain inside.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Fae being hit by a spell»

Curiosity got the better of you, and you snuck out, only to be hit with a powerful Nature spell.

«Scene fades to white»

A blast that powerful would have taken down the mightiest of Dragons.

«Scene: Fae, now as a young cat girl»

You did not die—but you were transformed. Something inside you… reacted with the spell.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Fae running into the forest»

Terrified, you turned tail and ran. Ran far away from Falconreach into the depths of the forest.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: While running, Fae sneezes multiple times and turns into a Frogdrake, a sheep, and a Frogzard»

Every time you sneezed, you changed forms. You sneeze reflex is directly linked to your transformation ability. Absolutely uncontrollable and chaotic.

«The Frogzard Fae vanishes»

Not knowing what you had become, you vanished from the Mortal cities and were rarely seen again.

«Scene fades to white and returns to the Guardian Dragon's eye»

Guardian Dragon: …and now you know, Shapeshifter. The trauma of your change obscured your memories… until now.

«Fae turns back to normal»

Fae: Wowie, well that definitely explains a lot.
Fae: …but… if my powers are Chaotic…
Fae: …does that mean I'm Chaorrupted?!?

Guardian Dragon: Yes and no, dear Shapeshifter. Your nature is now chaotic, but YOU are not Chaorrupted.
Guardian Dragon: It is what you DO with your powers that determines if you're good or evil or chaotic.

Fae: Well… unless I sneeze randomly, right? *giggle* But I am small-c chaos. NOT Chaos! Good!

Guardian Dragon: Do what you believe is the right thing to do, and even though your actions are unpredictable, you can still intend to do good.
Guardian Dragon: Same goes for you, Mortal.
Guardian Dragon: You are in control of your own destiny. So long as you follow the path that your heart tells you, no one—not even the Champion of Chaos—can set you astray.
Guardian Dragon: All of Lore's creatures will continue to fall to Chaos unless Drakath can be stopped. It is your destiny to defeat the Champion of Chaos and restore the balance to Lore.
Guardian Dragon: Fae, teach this young Mortal the ways of Shapeshifting, for they need all the help they can get as the final battle between Good, Evil, and Chaos approaches…

«Scene fades»

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