On Screen 2 of Necro Tower:

Undead Intercom Unit
*blink* Welcome to the Tower of Necromancy. Technological innovations like the eyeCom Cam Units - designed to facilitate communications - and other recent renovations ensure that your visit to the Tower is most satisfactory, possibly eternal, stay.

eyeCom Cam Units are designed to imitate the Master in many aspects. As the Master is mischievous, eCC Units are enabled to assist with less-than-legal activities, such as localized trespassing and counterfeiting, as well as more global trickery. *blink*

If continuing on towards Necro University, please heed the following disclaimer: Admission to the campus is restricted to those with a Student ID. *blink* For activities inside the Tower, please enter at your leisure. All eCC Units are ready to assist you in any way. Enjoy your stay! *blink*

- eyeCOM's Quests

On Screen 5 of Necro Tower:

Undead Intercom Unit
*blink* Welcome to the tower of Necromancy. Applicants wishing to begin to their ascent to the 10th floor of the tower will be required to complete a series of challenging tasks designed to test their suitability. A confection-based reward will be offerd upon arrival. All other visitors should proceed to the INFERNAL PIT OF ENDLESS DOOM. For candy.

Where should I go?
You should proceed past the tower to the necropolis, the teachers there have tasks for you, or you can take the trials inside the tower here.

- eyeCOM's Quests

Location: Necro Tower
Note: Also see List of all Flying Eyes.


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