Extinguish the Flames


«Hero at battle with Phedra»

Hero: Where are those sea-slime licking water priests?
Hero: I thought they were going to weaken you!

«Pyralis with water priests»

Pyralis: Oh, no, no. No priest - or avatar or champion or goddess - would hurt a titan.
Pyralis: They are a part of our world in a way few creatures are, and must not be injured.
Pyralis: However, Tyndarius is firespawn, the Queen's pawn, and the Lady of Waters is eager to douse his flames!

Priests: *chant* *chant* *chant*
Priests: Do your duty. DO YOUR DOOOOOOOOOTY!

«Neso, the water goddess»

Neso: The daughter of Fiamma's hearth is correct. Though water can douse fire, I will not harm the blood and bones of this world.
Neso: But my priests beg for aid, and I cannot resist their call, or <Hero>'s determination.
Neso: The fire that drives Tyndarius, and the burning ties that link him to the Queen…
Neso: Shall be EXTINGUISHED!

«Phedra flees»

Pyralis: It is a beautiful creature, no? Terrifying, but majestic.
Pyralis: I do not think it would have harmed us, if the Firestorm hadn't given it cause.
Pyralis: Tyndarius is weaker now that he has ever been, or will ever be!
Pyralis: His link to the Queen of Monsters has been dampened, but not severed.
Pyralis: If you hope to defeat him, you must take him on… NOW!

«Scene fades»

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