«Scene: the Hero and Galanoth fight the cured Phlegnn. Phlegnn attacks with a slime breath attack, and Galanoth blocks it with the Dragonblade.»

Hero: Is he… is he sick again?

«Phlegnn turns greens»

Hero: Whoa! He is!

Galanoth: No, I think he's reverting to his natural state!
Galanoth: He wasn't sick at all! Lim said it – he's a plague dragon!

Hero: No wonder the cure was hurting him!

Galanoth: Hurting him, but also making him stronger!
Galanoth: Either he kills you the traditional way, or he kills you with his deadly disease.

«Galanoth blocks another attack from Phlegnn»

Galanoth: I'm not sure which is worse!

Hero: Hmm, I wonder what would happen if we kept spraying him with it.
Hero: I bet it would make him really unstable.
Hero: I have an idea!

«Hero picks up the cure gun»

Hero: Get ready to attack on my signal.

«The Hero fires the gun at Phlegnn»

Hero: Almost there…

Hero: Now!

«Galanoth jumps into the air»


«Galanoth slices the dragon»

«The Hero and Galanoth try to shield themselves from the bits of falling dragon around them»


«Scene fades»

«Scene: Galanoth, Lim, and the Hero stand in the now-clean hot springs.»

Lim: That was fantastic! Did you see that? The dragon… exploded!

Hero: Yep. *shudder* Hard to miss.
Hero: (Please, let this be the last "gross" one.)

Lim: I have so much data to record! I can't believe this went so well!

Hero: Have fun, man.
Hero: I'm going to need a nice, hot bath after this. And a nap.

Galanoth: Yes, good. You're going to need to be well-rested for what's coming next.
Galanoth: If what I've been hearing is any indication…
Galanoth: I think the worst is yet to come.

«Scene fades»

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