Expect the Unexpected


«Mirror Portal: Xiang, standing up, and Hero, laying on the floor»

Xiang: Tsk! Look at you laying there! Such a lazy hero! Why, I could just -

Xiang: NO!
Xiang: We. Will. NOT. Hurt. <Hero>!

Xiang: Oh yeeeeh? Then how about I. Hurt. You!

Hero: Hey, Drakath! I know you're watching this. PAY ATTENTION!

Xiang: Hey! Only WE are allowed to talk to the Master like that!

Hero: I don't know if you wanted these two - er, this one - dead or what..
Hero: But you're not the only one who can break the rules!
Hero: Xing… Xang… Xiang… I set you free!
Hero: You might be Chaorrupted, but there's no reason you should have to follow Drakath's orders.

Xiang: Oh, THANK you! With our new power, there is so much Good we can do!

«Change scene to Drakath, watching Xiang through the Chaotic Mirror Portal.»
«Change scene to Hero and Xiang in Mirror Portal»

Xiang: Pffft! Good? You WOULD say that!
Xiang: You're not very good at this, are you, Hero? I don't want your pity-freedom!

Hero: But you could do whatever -

Xiang: If you're going to try to play Chaotic, you should expect the unexpected!
Xiang: We're not making any of your choices - or battles - easier by fleeing.
Xiang: You can't escape Chaos… and you can't escape US!

Xiang: No matter what SHE says, I'll always still be here, too.
Xiang: Just remember you, you can't always choose your Destiny, <Hero>…

Xiang: But you CAN choose which weapon to use when you fight it!

«Scene fades»

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