Exos (NPC)

BattleMage, Chaos Lord Aspirant
You! Took you long enough to deliver that message. Now! You need to do that thing I need you to do. If you don't, I can't be what I need to be, and then HE won't see what he needs to see! So, you see, I need you to be my right and left hands holding daggers of destiny. Go!

Once you have resourcefully recovered the rest of the necessary resources, you will give them to me. And ONLY me! In my Beast-Merge-o-Matic Shop, I will combine them. They will become ONE! And I… I will become - No! You know. Can't say it out loud yet.

- Exos Merge Shop
- Exos' Quests

Location: Bunker


Thanks to Peachii.

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