Exhibition Match


«Black scene»

Announcer: We have a special treat for you, fight fans.

«Scene: Battle Coliseum Arena»

«Hero looking at the Announcer»

Announcer: The Micro-Giants have agreed to a special exhibition match between the hero, <Hero>…
Announcer: …and the Dwarven Champions Guild's Blixx and Meatball!

Hero: What?!

«Blixx and Meatball walk in»

Blixx: This isn't going to go well for you, hero.

Meatball: HAAAAhahaha!

Hero: What are you guys doing?!

Meatball: Well, first you're going to have a horrible "accident" during our exhibition match…

Blixx: …then the Micro-Giants are going to make us rich when we finish off the rest of the Guild.

Hero: You're working for the Micro-Giants!
Hero: What did you do to the rest of the team?!

Blixx: Enough talk.

Meatball: Time to bring the pain.

«Scene fades»

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