«Scene: The Hero stands next to Bubble, who is freed from the cage»

Bubble: Ohh, man! That's SO much better. I really needed to stretch my legs!

«Scene: Jalnar standing in front of pile of garbage»

Jalnar: Naughty, naughty!
Jalnar: Who said you could be out of your cage?

«Scene: Chilly holding the jar of flame and standing in front of the Hero»

Chilly: I did!

«Chilly throws the jar at Jalnar, who is set aflame»

Jalnar: No! No, NO, NOOOOOOOO!

«Jalnar starts growing as he and the background fade to black»

Hero: Oh, no. He's changing into a… a giant…

«Scene: A giant bat»

Hero: BAT?!?
Hero: Really? You can shapeshift into anything, and THIS is what you go with? A glorified Mogloween decoration?

Chilly: A weally, weally scawy one, though.

Hero: Seriously, this thing puts Void creatures to shame.

«Jalnar opens a portal and the Hero and Chilly tumble through»


«Scene fades to white»

«Scene: The Hero, Chilly, and Jalnar in another realm with a starry background»

Chilly: It… it didn't kill him?

Hero: Oh, no. I think it sucked him into his home dimension…
Hero: …and took us with him!

THAT: What did you think was going to happen?

THAT: I am eternal.

«The Hero and Chilly start rising in the air»

THAT: I am not of your world.

«The Hero and Chilly fall onto a random chunk of rock floating in space»

THAT: You cannot destroy me.

«Scene: The Hero and Chilly spin around in front of Jalnar and fall into his throat»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: The Hero and Chlly fall down Jalnar's esophagus»

«Scene fades»

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