Evolved Void Orb Pet's Quests

Quest Location: N/A
Quests Begun From: Evolved Void Orb Pet
Note: Quest is only available to pet owner.


Void Knights are just one of my elite soldiers of war. I give them great power of my own to make them unstoppable. That's the sacrifice I make for my disciples. I'll give you the power of a Void Knight too. All I require is a small portion of your soul. Defeat Soulseeker and you'll be able to retrieve a transportable piece of your soul.

I'll need reagents to make your Void armor. Phoenix Blade and Tentacles of the Overlord are what I require. Now begone!

Items Required:


  • 0 Gold
  • 0 Exp


Thanks to Ashley_1, Dragon King ll, Manticoran, mturf, Pulveriser, Sky boomer, Smartys and Trydeth.

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