Evil Rep Shop


Note: Must be Aligned with Evil to access this shop.

Name Rank Price
Sword_Table.png Blade of Vampire legendsmall.png Rank 10 Evil 50,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Blooddrop Slasher Rank 7 Evil 15,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Horned Longsword legendsmall.png Rank 7 Evil 20,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Rune Sword of the Darkness legendsmall.png Rank 6 Evil 20,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Shadow Ninja Blade Rank 2 Evil 20,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Shadowscythe Gouger Rank 6 Evil 25,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Shadowscythe Venom Head Rank 10 Evil 100,000 Gold
Axe_Table.png Death Eater Axe Rank 10 Evil 20,000 Gold
Mace_Table.png Evil Bag of Shadows Rank 6 Evil 15,000 Gold
Mace_Table.png Mace of the Fiend legendsmall.png Rank 6 Evil 25,000 Gold
Mace_Table.png Midnight Skull Rank 2 Evil 25,000 Gold
Polearm_Table.png Grim's Shadow Scythe legendsmall.png Rank 8 Evil 15,000 Gold
Polearm_Table.png Plague Strike Scythe Rank 8 Evil 15,000 Gold
Staff_Table.png Necromancer Staff of Bloodthirst legendsmall.png Rank 10 Evil 15,000 Gold
Staff_Table.png Undead Walking Stick Rank 2 Evil 20,000 Gold

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