Evil is Defeated


«Hero with Star Core and defeated Final on the floor»

Hero: I'll take THAT, thank you very much.
Hero: You've got a long road ahead of you, my backstabbing unfriend.
Hero: The Queen of Monsters is no one's ally except her own, and you've failed her.
Hero: That's the truth, and the truth will always triumph.

«Final stands up»

Final: MONEY always triumphs in THIS world!

«Final tries to strike Hero, but Hero blocks him, sending him back to the floor»

Hero: You'd better start running, Final. She's hungry, and even I can smell your fear.

Final: The Queen knows what I am, and what I can do. She won't destroy me. Not when I know your secret.

Hero: Wait - what secret?

«Final stands up»

Final: … You don't know? HAH! You'll see me again, Hero. You have made a new enemy, and I NEVER foget my enemies.

«Final jumps through the portal. Change of scene to Hero and Prime in Starsinc»

Hero: What will you do with it now, Dominus?

Prime: We will relocate it, and guard it.
Prime: Until the time arrives when you need us, we will train for the coming war against the Queen.

«Scene fades»

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