Everything Chaos Dies


«Drakath, in his true Chaosself, almost destroyed»

Drakath: How many more times do you need to die to understand how powerful I am?!

«Drakath blasts Hero again, to black screen»

Hero: No matter how many times I die, you can't kill what I stand for…

«Hero on the frountground, shadowed, with Shadowfall Castle destroyed, and then back to black screen»

Hero: You can't kill what I stand for…

«To Drakath»

Drakath: You're already dead. If you die AGAIN… it's OVER!

«Hero gets a choice between "Only one person dies here…", "No one dies today…" and "*silence*…"»

«Drakath and Hero flying to each other, in a collision course, they collide»

Gravelyn: NO! This battle is MINE!

«Hero looks back at Gravelyn and Drakath takes his wings off»

Drakath: Payback's a --

«Drakath hits Hero in the back, send him flying past Gravelyn»

Time stands still…

Gravelyn: My father is dead. My army is scattered. The world has been almost completely destroyed.
Gravelyn: And all because of CHAOS! Because of Drakath.
Gravelyn: Since he killed my father, the Darkness has wept for its most powerful General, Sepulchure.
Gravelyn: All I have done, all I have become, has been to avenge him!
Gravelyn: If I slay Drakath… our world might survive. Maybe. But the Hero dies.
Gravelyn: If I do not kill him, if I break the vow I made so long ago…
Gravelyn: Could my father forgive me? Will I forgive myself?

«Gravelyn attacks Hero»

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