Everyone Out!


«Scene: the Hero, Cysero, Alina, and Memet rush to the ocean»

Everyone get in the water!

«Scene: the gang in the water»

Alina: Ahhh! So cool and refreshing!

Hero: FINALLY! Oh, this feels so good!

Cysero: Hey, what's that over there?

«Everyone looks to the right at the bubbles in the water»

Alina: Well, THAT doesn't look good.

Hero: Oh, no.

«A dragon appears from the water and everyone rushes out»

Everyone get out of the water!

«Scene: the gang at the juice bar»

Hero: Auuuugh! WHYYYYY?

Alina: Is that water dragon… steaming?

Cysero: Ha! I guess the water is too cold for it now!
Cysero: (Boy, he sure looks mad about it, too!)

«Random NPCs on the beach»

Is it leaving?
Man, I just wanted to cool off!

«Hero in a fighting pose»

Hero: Alright, don't worry! I'm gonna fight it!

«Hero swings weapon»

Hero: Everything's gonna be cool.

«Cysero pops up from the bottom of the screen with two thumbs-up»

Cysero: Pun intended!

«Cysero pops back down and the Hero rushes off»

«Scene fades»

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