Esprit d'Cour


Naval Commander
Yarrrrr! Talk Like a Pirate Day be almost upon us… and that means treasure! A scurvy seadog gave me this here map, says it leads to booty stolen by a terrifying beast: the Silver Sun Cutlass. I've got to rally my crew to face the coming war against those lily-livered pirates. Would YE like to go a-huntin' the loot?

Treasure Map


How to Hunt
See where th' X is on the map? That's the area of the world you want to go a-huntin' through. One of the monsters in that part of Lore should have th' treasure.
The seadog what gave me this promises to have another map tomorrow… and a new piece of loot to search for!




Thanks to Apus, Matheew, Selulpchure and .Shadow//

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