Escherion (NPC)

First Hero of Balance
So, you are the Hero that Iadoa has been telling me so much about. Normally I would be wary of a new ally appearing out of the blue, but it seems like you are very good at getting results. Three Elemental Orbs are already in our possession since your arrival. I only hope that we will be able to obtain this next one as swiftly as possible.

Sa-Laatan the Salt Sower, a Child of the Queen, plagues this region. This monster salts the earth with its brine, making all areas it attacks inhospitable. It has destroyed many coasts, and now resides in the lake just up ahead. It guards the Water Orb, impeding us from achieving our goal.

After completing the 'Path to Sa-Laatan' quest:

First Hero of Balance
Sa-Laatan is all that remains in our path to the Water Orb. I have summoned the Lake Hydra to aid us in our battle against it. We mustn't give up hope now! Let us finish off this beast once and for all!

After completing the 'The Water Orb' quest:

First Hero of Balance
The Water Orb… I have never felt something so powerful! I can see what Iadoa means when he said that all eight Orbs have the power to defeat the Queen.

Location: Queen's Reign


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