Escape (2)


«Scene: a damaged Lightguard catapult»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Sepulchure steps in front of his army of the undead»

Sepulchure: Destroy it! Now!

«The catapult starts firing into the army»

Sepulchure: Fall back!

«Victorious is hit by a projectile and breathes black fire»

«Scene: Lynaria and Sigrid»

Sigrid: Keep firing! Bring that monster to the ground!

Lynaria: Be careful you do not destroy the entire forest! People are living in there!

Sigrid: Your highness, with all due respect-
Sigrid: If I can end this threat, I'll do whatever it takes.

«Victorious flies up in the air and fires energy blasts»

«Scene: Noxus and Sepulchure»

Noxus: Get us out of here! Go!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Sigrid back on the ground»

Sigrid: Gryphon riders! After them!
Sigrid: Do NOT let them get away!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Lynaria in the foreground, Sigrid on the back of a flying gryphon in the background»

Sigrid: My queen, it will be much safer for you here. My Lightguard will look after you.

«Scene: Lynaria and a bunch of Lightguard soldiers back on the ground»

Lynaria: She's got to be joking.
Lynaria: Find me a gryphon.

Lightguard Recruit: My queen, I don't know if-

Lynaria: Do it.
Lynaria: I'm going after them.

«Scene fades»

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