Erra Lightfoot

6th Head Chronomancer
Greetings, Hero! Welcome to the Archipelago of Time! I am Erra Lightfoot, Head of the Chronomancer Order. I've heard so much about you, as one who has surpassed all timelines! I can't wait to work with you and see what you can do! Also, be sure to bring me any Time Pieces you earn to buy some Chronomancer wares!

This is the home of Chronomancy and all of its Orders. We exist at the very edge of Time itself! Here, Time is nearly nonexistent, meaning we are able to keep track of all of the timelines that make up this universe and make sure they are maintained!

The Chronomancer Order was created by the Avatar of Time to help maintain the many timelines of this universe. Novacron, the First Chronomancer, founded the Archipelago and recruited new Chronomancers, and they have been maintaining the timelines since.

Some of our fellow Chronomancers have split off to create new Orders for specialized tasks they deemed worthy of their focus. Some good, some bad, and some just weird. But we are the true Chronomancers. The ones that never veered away from the purpose given to us by the Avatar of Time.

Time Pieces?
Time Pieces are the currency of the Archipelago. Gold isn't very useful to a Chronomancer, but these Time Pieces can be used for lots of time magic related things! I'm sure there are plenty of Chronomancers here who need help that would pay you with them if you asked!

- Chrono Merge
- Erra Lightfoot's Quests

Location: Chronomancy Hub


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