Banzai Youth Center, Owner
BANZAI, Hero! I've traveled far to visit the lovely Planet Lore. I'd like to see what the young people here do for fun. Gotta keep outdoing myself if I'm gonna power up the Youth Center back home, y'know? I've brought some of Banzai's bountiful souvenir gear with me, if you'd like to take a goggle at it.

Do you know J6?
I hear rumors that J6, the legendary Bountyhunter, is on his way to Bonzai. Think you'd like to visit my lovely homeworld, too? Then you'll need to find a copy of his map. I heard it's hidden in a really sketchy location. Better make sure you take some my gear with you if you go exploring in J6's areas!

- Banzai Souvenir Shop

Location: Battleon


Thanks to Flitterifie.

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