Captive Prince
Cecily, My love! I knew you'd come for me. And you've brought… is that Galanoth?! Has the head of the Order of Dragonslayers really come to save us? And… is that the Hero of Lore with you, too? Babe, you're the best!

Princes be Crazy
Yeah, I know! She has them under some sort of love spell - I'm pretty sure it's in the perfume she uses. She keeps us in these cages until it's fully taken effect, but once she knows we're not going to run away? She uses us as her caretakers and personal guard… we protect her… fan her.. feed her grapes. I'm telling you, this dragon has it made.

Yes - I've seen her Drake! guards taking it out of decorative vases and bringing it to her. I think I'm the only one left who isn't falling prey to Lascivia's spell. These other captives will be out of their cages soon enough, and I'm afraid that it won't be long before my mind start slipping, too You have to hurry!

Location: Lust
Note: Also see Royal Attendant.


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