Envy's Task


«Dage in Dage's Underworld, a rectangle appears next to his head with scenes of Dage leading his army»

Dage: I was betrayed before by one I called a "friend." Since then, I have guarded well against betrayal.
Dage: And NONE of my minions since has dared to break away, or defy my orders.
Dage: Until now. The one called "Laken," a general of the Undead Legion.
Dage: He was my second in command, and bound by bonds tighter than any other.
Dage: In leaving, he has committed a betrayal of the highest order.
Dage: And I demand justice.

«Scroll right, Envy's shadowy figure»

Dage: Somehow, he broke his contract.

Envy: He must be found. He must be subdued.

Dage: And he must be returned here to face my wrath.

Envy: By any means necessary, my Lord?

Dage: Ah, Envy. Your eagerness pleases me.
Dage: I don't care what you do, or how you do it. As long as you do not fail to bring him to me.

«Scene fades»

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