Enter Fable Forest


«Scene: Hero is walking through the forest and sees Fae transforming in the distance»

Werewolf goes…
Kittarian goes…
Phoenix goes…
GreenRat goes…
But there's one sound that no one knows…

«Fae turns into a fox girl»


Hero: NOOOO!!!

«Hero tackles Fae to the ground»

«Fae sneezes and turns back to being a cat girl»


Hero: I shall spare your life if you PROMISE to NEVER sing that song again!

Fae: Okay okay, I promise!

Hero: So who are you anyway? And… are you okay? You keep…

«Fae transforms into a Tog»

Hero: …doing that.

Fae: My name's Fae! And I'm a Shapeshifter!
Fae: And… and… aaaaACHOO!

«Fae turns back to normal»

Fae: And I can transform into anything.

Hero: Anything?

Fae: Anything.

«The Hero gets a nasty glint in their eyes»

Hero: Like AdventureCoins?!

Fae: No, I mean, anything organic.

«Hero holds out a pile of apples that they got from somewhere»

Hero: Like these Apples?

Fae: Don't be silly. Those are laden with pesticides. USDA does not approve.

«Hero shoves the apples away»

Hero: So… you can transform into anything living, like an animal or a person?

Fae: Yeppers.

Hero: Sweet!

Fae: Well, semi-sweet. I cannot control WHEN I transform or WHAT I transform into.
Fae: Every time I sneeze, I change forms. And I sneeze… a… a… a lot ACHOO!

«Fae turns into a small fairy»

Hero: Allergies, huh? You probably shouldn't be hiding in a forest full of pollen…

Fae: Oh, this is no normal forest, Hero. This is a magical elemental forest, home to the 4 Elements of Fire, Nature, Wind, and Water.

«Fae turns back to normal»

Hero: Never heard of hypoallergenic Elementals. So why are you here, anyway?

Fae: Well… I was drawn here by my primal instincts. My mind's all fuzzy (no pun intended) about my past.
Fae: I'm not sure how I got my shapeshifting powers, nor do I know know anything about where I came from.
Fae: All I know is that I feel a strong connection with this forest and the Elementals in it.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Guardian tree in the middle of the Fable Forest»

Fae: And the Guardian Tree in the middle… it's very magical, I can feel it in my fur!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Back to Fae and the Hero»

Hero: Oooh magic! I'm a hardcore magic user myself. It's like, waaaaay better than caffeine.
Hero: Tell you what: I'll help you in every way I can if you teach me a thing or two about Shapeshifting.

Fae: Really?! OMG okay totally! Deal!

«The Hero and Fae shake hands»

«Scene fades»

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