Enn'tröpy (NPC)

Abyssal Translator
"Welcome, Hero."

"I'm waiting."

Abyssal Army?
"Only the powerful can hope to survive. Do you have the strength necessary to serve under the Archfiend of the Abyss?"

"The Great Archfiend is old. Older than many things in this world. He knows more than you know, and will ever know."

"My apologies, Hero. If I relay my master's message, you would lose whatever sanity you have left."

What? I look like someone named Polish? Ha! You must be mistaken.

With Unidentified 13 in inventory:

Abyssal Translator
"I see you've signed a contract with the Old One. Very well."

- Enn'tröpy's Quests
- Nulgath Diamond Shop

Location: Dreadrock Citadel


Thanks to Apus.

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