Enlightening Interlude



«Scene: Hero, Laidronette and Chicot on Screen 7 of Necro Carnival»

Laidronette: You don't know what the spell is asking for, and have come to a local for help.
Laidronette: Well, I think this "spell" shouldn't be taken so literally.
Laidronette: For a jester, Mr. Chicot is very much stickler for traditional magic.
Laidronette: *whispering* He showed me a few pages and I think it's actually a journal.
Laidronette: Not a straightforward spellbook.
Laidronette: But my advice is to keep following the book's instructions.
Laidronette: Its authors knew a lot about this Forest. I think you're still on the right track.

Chicot: What could you be prattling on about over there?
Chicot: Show me what you're seeing that I can't.

Hero: Just stay where you are, will you?
Hero: I'll figure out what's going on with the spell. Your gross smell is making it hard to concentrate.

Chicot: *muttering* Once the spell is cast, you'll be the real fool.
Chicot: Bahahaha!

Hero: You have something funny to tell us?

Chicot: A joke was stuck in my throat!
Chicot: The joke being that these reagents you have in your workshop are cheap.

Hero: That's an insult, not a joke.

Chicot: You call yourself an all-knowing witch when your materials are rubbish from the forest floor?

Hero: Still an insult.

Laidronette: I'm old enough to know that I'm just playing pretend.

Chicot: What?

Laidronette: It's just fun play-acting as an all powerful witch.
Laidronette: I'll be studying real magic soon. Even cracked open a few books already.
Laidronette: True spell casting is actually similar to the little games I played as a child.
Laidronette: Only, they're more rigid when it comes to technique.
Laidronette: For example, the reagents you want can no longer be found in these woods.
Laidronette: My mother told me that this place didn't used to be part of the Doomwood.
Laidronette: But then the white bark of the trees turned coal-black.
Laidronette: All of the cute animals either ran away, or were swallowed by the rot in the soil.
Laidronette: The spell can't be completed by following the steps to the word.

Hero: Which means we can't continue.
Hero: Is there anything more we can do?

Chicot: Pah, you feeble minded dunderheads.

Hero: Say that again?

Chicot: Haha, silly little children!
Chicot: The fauna have not left, and still roam the forest as we speak.
Chicot: These circumstances are uncommon but highly sought after.
Chicot: Take for instance, when a dragon falls and perishes on a mountain.
Chicot: Scavengers, predators even the plant life are as opportunistic as any mortal human.
Chicot: They feast on the free meal, and are irreparably changed by the magic ingrained in the flesh they've consumed.
Chicot: In fact, the creatures become more valuable as reagents because of their corruption.
Chicot: Now that I think about it, something similar has happened here.
Chicot: The wildlife has changed because they ate the remains of a fallen great beast.

Laidronette: Ooooh!

Hero: Interesting fact you brought up.
Hero: Didn't think I'd learn something new. You might make a good teacher.

Chicot: I am a skilled teacher! Why, apprentices from far and wide come line up to-
Chicot: Haha…attend my clown academy.

Hero: Awesome! You get to learn how to clown from a professional.

Chicot: Rrrrrg, moving on!
Chicot: We may continue with the spell. Its components have not died out.

«Scene shakes»

Chicot: And it seems that we're making good progress.
Chicot: Soon, we shall be free! Ahaha!

«Scene fades»

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