Enferr Os

Shadowscythe Corporal
The ShadowScythe are prepared to WHATEVER it takes to drive this… "army" … back. The so-called Queen of Monsters cannot stand against the might of the ShadowScythe! And now that Sepulchure has returned - AND brought an army of Fire Dragons with him - there is NOTHING stopping our Empress from conquering Lore. Protecting it. Saving it from itself. Under her ruel, Darkness will flourish and monsters. Will. DIE.

When the Queen of Monsters was freed, and the Alliance had shattered, the Empress sought for a way to return the ShadowScythe to supremacy. But she has been surrounded by boneheads (literally) for too long. Her vision for the world could not be realized before now. But now… To think - Sepulchure's spirit is INSIDE the dragon's body… May the Darkness be victorious, we will be able to DESTROY them all!

- ShadowSpire
- Shadowstrike
- Shadowspire Merge

Location: Shadowflame
Note: Also see Shadowscythe Reaver (2).


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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