End of Kitsune/Kitsune Defeated


«Scene: Hero defeats Kitsune»

Hero: Kitsune, the people of this island still respect and honor the Yokai that lives here, but you got greedy.

Kitsune: my Yokai brothers and sisters have always been superior to humans. It's time we took your place as masters!

Hero: Your plans end here, right now!

Kitsune: We shall see. How can you defeat what you can't even see, hero?!

«Kitsune lunges forward and vanishes. The Hero slashes at the air wildly.»

Hero: WHERE DID YOU GO?!?! I hate when you do that!

«The Hero slices open a portal to Kitsune's dimension and Kitsune is sucked in»

Kitsune: No! Not like this! it can't end like this! I won't go back to the Yokai world! NOOOOooooooooooooo!

«The Hero slashes the portal closed.»

«White flash»

Emperor Daisho: M…Miko? What are we doing here, daughter? What is happening?

Ai No Miko: Father? Father you're back! Oh, i'm so happy!
Ai No Miko: You did the impossible, Legendary Dragon. You have saved all the people… and spirits… of Yokai Island from Chaos Shogun Kitsune.
Ai No Miko: You have also returned my father to me. Thank you.

Hero: I'm glad everything is back to normal but I was really looking forward to winning that tournament…

«Ryoku bursts into the scene»

Ryoku: Ahhhhhhh!
Ryoku: Oh! I'm almost ready… nearly there. Nearly…

«The Hero knocks him out»

Ryoku: Aww man! Now I have to start all over!

Ai No Miko: Uh… Hero, you have defeated Ryoku! You are officially the Dragon Koi Tournament Champion!

Hero: FINALLY! That's more like it!

«All bow»

Hero: Farewell, Princess Miko.

«Hero runs off»

«Scene fades»

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