«Scene: Hero and Darkon»

Darkon: I *cough* *cough*…
Darkon: I wonder if you fully understand what I'm trying to accomplish.
Darkon: The Astravians who have been sacrificed, everyone in Lore, even the evil doers, they'll all come back.
Darkon: They'll be reborn when The World reshapes the seas and continents.
Darkon: But this time, there won't be any war or conflict. No one will be mistreated because of who they are.
Darkon: I assure you, the urge to harm and destroy will be wiped away completely.
Darkon: If you're guilty about being a bystander, don't be. Only I have the power to create perfection.
Darkon: Rest now. You no longer need to struggle to keep the balance of Lore.

Hero: It's only 'perfect' because you'd rob everyone of their free will!
Hero: We'd all be mindless puppets following your every whim.
Hero: Evil doesn't appear out of nowhere. There are reasons, good and ugly.
Hero: You caused harm and destruction because of how you were hurt.
Hero: Does that mean no one else feels that way?


Hero: The responsibility is on all of us to protect each other, and understand where Evil comes from.
Hero: By taking our free will away, you'll be trampling on the efforts of the people that fought for a kinder world.
Hero: You'll be trampling on Suki's dreams.

Darkon: Suki…So the Do Twins have truly betrayed me.
Darkon: I should have known better than to trust them. They serve the Arcana Primordials.
Darkon: Monsters that are just like you.
Darkon: The omnipotent Dragon of Time, who allowed a Dragon Slayer to take their life and reset the entire universe.
Darkon: Regardless of your intentions, I don't remember there being an option to choose for the rest of us.

Hero: …It was my mistake.

Darkon: Mistake!? You have the nerve to admit that it was a mistake?
Darkon: Raise your weapon, <Hero>.
Darkon: The only way you can halt the recreation of Lore is by killing me.
Darkon: This will be our final performance. The victor will decide how the curtain falls.

«Scene fades»

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