Enchanted Fiendish Monkey Grin

Location: Featured Gear Shop (April 2024) - Game Menu
Price: 250 AC

  • First 24 Hours: 225 AC
  • After 24 Hours: 63 AC

Rarity: Rare Rarity
Description: Though destructive, the residents of the Yokai Isles don't bat an eye at the Fiendish Monkey King. Many great warriors of their kind start as delinquents. Even if they're from the Fiend's Void, fate will sort this out eventually. (This item is fully color customizable.)

  • Hair is Color Custom to Hair Color.
  • Eyes are Color Custom to Eye Color.
  • Face is Color Custom to Base Color.
  • Mask is Color Custom to Trim Color.
  • Bodyart is Color Custom to Accessory Color.

Thanks to Apus.

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