Empress Ai No Miko

Goddess of the Yokai Isles
We were hoping you would arrive. Lord Brentan was just catching up with us. Much has happened since we last met. He wants to keep a low profile to avoid causing trouble, so Pharaoh Zhoom and I will urge Queen Victoria to listen to you. We owe you that much after all that you've done for us, and what Greenguard has been doing in secret is concerning to us as well.

Both Yokai-kind and humankind are beginning to exist in harmony. When I returned to Akiba, the fanfare was explosive. It was difficult to explain that I was still the same Ai No Miko they knew. The Yokai of the Isles weren't ready to accept it at first, but they could sense that their creator was…ah, did you need a refresher? It's not a bother, I'd love to talk with you. I think you're one of the last people who will see me for who I am.

- Haku Village

You were there when we discovered that the Shadowscythe Empire was planning to conquer the Yokai Isles. It may not happen immediately, but it will be a threat in the future. I plan to meet with Pharaoh Zhoom to warn him that the Sandsea is in danger as well. If possible, I want to form an alliance with him and Queen Victoria…but then, there are the matters you're concerned with. I'll decide after she explains herself to you.

Although it was for diplomatic reasons, I was excited to travel outside of the Yokai Isles to get to know the Greenguard Queendom better. It seems that the feeling isn't exactly mutual. News of recent events has spread, and the Nobles of Queen Victoria's court are looking at me like I'm an oddity. They're deciding on whether to view me as a threat, or a valuable asset.



  • Ai no miko (愛の巫女) means "Priestess of Love" in Japanese.
  • Also see Ai No Miko.

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