Emily Found


«Scene: Emily and the Hero are deep inside Doomwood Forest»

Hero: Hey, Darcy! I found her!

«Screen zooms out to show Darcy next to the Hero.»

Hero: Emily, right? It's going to be ok.

Emily: Thank you so much for finding me! I just knew someone would come!

Darcy: Come on, let's get you home.

Emily: No! I can't leave yet!

Hero: But… what?? But… we're rescuing you!

Emily: The big, scary undead guy I was hiding from took my mommy's necklace!
Emily: I have to get it back. She'll be so mad that I lost it.

Darcy: Please, Emily. It's too dangerous here. Let us get you to safety.

Emily: No! Not without my mommy's necklace! It's special!

Darcy: Oh, give me strength…

Emily: Please? I can show you how to find him. You're strong, right? You can beat him for me!

Hero: Sigh. Emily, be reasonable…

Darcy: Well, hold on. Why would the horde leader even take the necklace in the first place?
Darcy: She says it's special, right? Maybe it IS. Maybe it's powerful, and her family doesn't even realize it.

Hero: …and if it IS, then we definitely don't want it to stay in the hands of the undead.

Darcy: Right. And since I need to kill this guy anyway….

Hero: Emily, are you sure you know how to find him?

Emily: Oh, yes! He's really hard to find…
Emily: …but when you're hiding from a big, scary skeleton, you figure out how to tell where he is pretty fast.

«Scene fades»

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