Guild Recruitment Officer
Hello, Hero, and welcome to the Guild Launch Recruitment Center. We've set up shop here in Battleontown to help make your Guild to be the best it can! We encourage all Guild Leaders to create their own Guild Hub to make communicating, recruiting, expanding, sharing adventures, and battling together with your Guildmates easier than ever!

- Your Guild Hub
- Find a Guild

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Guild Launch will let you connect with the members of your Guild outside AQWorlds, and offers new ways to come together and battle harder inside the game, as well! Create and customize your own Guild forum, set challenges and achievements, chat across AQW servers, enable voice chat, and more!

Guild Launch Features
Always available, use wherever you can use a web browser
Custom forums and layouts
Recruitment and Guild search tools
Guild News
Customizable challenges and achievements
Guild calendar
Voice and cross-server chat (Coming soon!)



Thanks to Tendou no Mazo.

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