Elemental Orbs (Cutscene)


«Black screen.»

Drakath: My Lord…

«Scene: Bandit Drakath and Sepulchure»

Sepulchure: You have served me well, Drakath, helping reunite the forces of evil that served your father before me…
Sepulchure: You brought me Noxus, the necromancer, that raised the largest dragon that ever lived to create this fortress.

«Close up of Sepulchure.»

Sepulchure: You brought me Xan, the pyromancer, and his fiery legions that razed cities and villages to the ground.
Sepulchure: You have brought me Generals, such as Sek Duat from the Sandsea Desert, to the ninjas of the winds and pirates of the actual sea.

«Close up of Drakath»

Drakath (thinking): Oh, I know what I've done for you, DoomKnight. You think you've played like a fiddle but I'm waiting for my moment.

«Drakath looks up, smiling.»

Drakath (thinking): The moment I strike you down and take all of this for my own.

Sepulchure: You must collect the eight elemental orbs and bring them to me.

«Drakath bows.»
«Screen fades to black.»

Drakath: And so I did, I collected all of them. I battled the heroes of this land and collected all of the Orbs.

«Scene fades.»
«Scene: Drakath by the Chaos Gate.»

Drakath: And just so you know, I COLLECTED EVERY ORB MYSELF. My only hindrance was a pesky little DragonLord.

«Scene fades. Text appears with a purple background, which fades to black at the edges.»

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«Scene Fades»

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