Elemental Chaos


«Firestorm Volcano»
«Screen fade»

Hs'Sakar: Greetings, ArchMage. And you… Dragonslayer. You are welcome, as long as you keep our peace.

Warlic: Such as it is.

Hero: Warlic! Galanoth, did you two get the charred scrolls tell you off the elemental, draconic dissonance in Etherstorm?

Galanoth: Might have, but Warlic just appeared in my camp, grabbed my arm, and jerking his head in this direction. Good thing I thought to grab my blade.
Galanoth: From the looks of this place and the… *sniff* smell of the rabid dragons in the air, we're going to need it.

Hero: Hs'Sakar, I do not question your actions, but… Why did you call -

Hs'Sakar: That sounds much like a question, young adventurer! I am an old Dravix, Hero, and much is at stake here.
Hs'Sakar: I seek to provide you with all the aids that I can.

«Ground rumbles»

Hs'Sakar: Ah, excellent. You will meet my fellow Priests. In time, we begin.

Hero: I'll say. That fog gives off an uneasy feel.
Hero: If it's tainting the land as badly as it smell, we are wasting time standing here.

Earth Priest: Stones hold you, I am Dr'ader.

Air Priest: Wind will refresh you, I am called As'iiur.

Water Priest: And I, I am Ll'rillor. May the waters of life sustain you.

Hs'Sakar: It is little protection but it will buy us time while we talk.
Hs'Sakar: <Hero>, discuss you plan with your colleagues while I do the same with mine at our altar.

Hero: Tell me, quickly, what you both think of the situation. Better to know the extent of what we face.

Galanoth: You cannot smell the rancidity of the dragon blood. It is not strong… yet. But it begins to… curdle in their veins.
Galanoth: They are going to be mad, as tied as they are to their elements, and their Primes. We risk a world-wide dragon war if we do not save this land. Fast.

Warlic: It is as you see. The elements combine, do battle, and rip each other apart. The heart of the land - the elements - is tearing at itself.
Warlic: If we do not restore the four prime dragons, the chaos that has been born here will spread.
Warlic: And that is not taken to account how the problem will grow exponentially worse as Desoloth feeds off the friction their frenzying causes.
Warlic: We have no time to lose.

Hs'Sakar: Their identities appear! Once we know who they are -

Ll'rillor: We can save them, train them to be what they become.

Hs'Sakar: They cannot harm Desoloth. You all know this.

Dr'ader: But with their aid - and the Hero's - we can seal him away. Eternally this time.

As'iiur: Just as long as -

X'Dir: Your long-time friend does not appear?
X'Dir: Indeed, I have returned, as has my Master. You would all do well to heed what I have to say. You know well what he can do. Do you not As'iiur?

«Screen fades out except X'Dir's eyes»
«Eyes then fades out»

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