Paladin Trainer
Welcome and well met, brave Traveler! My name is Elaine and this is the section where we will take on new recruits to train them in the ways of a Paladin. Are you interested? Well then, allow me to explain a brief summary on what a Paladin is!

What is a Paladin?
What are Paladins? Paladins are the protectors of, well…Good and GOODNESS! Never selfish and always righteous, these knights clad in iconic armor and reputation are always a sight for sore eyes rushing to protect the innocent from the vile.

How to get?
To become a Paladin, you must be Rank 5 in Good Reputation as well as have Rank 10 Warrior and Rank 10 Healer in your inventory and make your way to /Lightguard OR purchase from the Class shop for Adventure Coins.

- Lightguard
- Member Class Shop
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Hybrid, Lucky.
Paladins are powerful holy anti-undead warriors that fight with the power of light. Being fairly well rounded in combat and extremely defensive, Paladins can fill a variety of roles. Use holy power to blind and destroy many foes at once, or concentrate your mana on building your defenses and recover your health!

Location: Class Hall B


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