Eil Medieval


«Scene: the Hyperium lands in a forest outside of what appears to be a red version of Swordhaven. J6 is wearing medieval knight armor.»


Peasant: Thou hath to help!

«J6 turns to look»

«Scene fades»

«J6 is surrounded by peasants in need of his help.»

Peasant: Fere, help us!

Peasant: Prithee help!

Peasant: Help hath cometh!

Peasant: Thee shalt tarry!

«--PAUSED-- flashes on the screen»

Baron: Ain't nobody got time for Olde English garbage.
Baron: I'm terminating the simulation early. I must deliver a very important message to you.
Baron: J6 has has just gathered his final piece of his doomsday project.
Baron: I need YOU to act as a spy and take J6 out from the inside.
Baron: But HAL is always watching. In order for me to sneak onto the Hyperium, HAL must be taken offline first.
Baron: I'm counting on YOU to help me out!
Baron: Let's finish this up and fast forward the simulation to the end.

«Scene flashes blue»

«The --PAUSED-- disappeared. J6 stands on a table with food. One of the peasants is holding a turkey in the air, and all of the peasants look happy.»

«Scene fades»

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