Efreet (NPC)

King of the Djinn
It is good to see you again, Saahir. And these mortals you bring with you… They appear to be strong, possibly even heroic. Worthy- peharps- of your time. But are they worthy of mine? Before we discuss your presence here, Mortals, and why Saahir feels I should take notice of you, prove to me that you deserve my attention by completing a few tasks. You should, if Saahir is right, be capable of success

- Efreet's Quests

After completing In-djinn-ious Solution quest:

King of the Djinn
You have done well so far, Mortals. I begin to believe you merit notice. There is one more task, if you feel you are able for it. The portals to the Djinn World are capricious things. We set barriers to prevent them from appearing to the unworthy, but sometimes those barricades… weaken. Assist us with this final task and I will grant you a more receptive audience.

- Efreet's Quests

After completing Chaos Lord Tibicenas quest:

King of the Djinn
Tibicenas has been defeated but his revenge shade, ULTRA-Tibicenas still exists. You will find the Challenge Battle far more difficult than the normal battle, but you will also find it more rewarding. You can get rare, exclusive drops from the Challenge Battle that you can't get from the normal battle. I suggest you brings some friends who know healing magic!

Location: Djinn - Oasis
Note: Also see Efreet (Armor).


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