«Scene: Hero in standing in the middle of Bloodtusk's Crossroads and looking up.»
«Screen moves up to the sun.»
«The Moon moves in front of the Sun making a eclipse.»

«Screen moves back down to Hero.»
«The sky goes dark and lightning shoots down knocking Hero down to the ground.»
«A mirror with Xing and Xang in it appears where the lightning hit.»

«Screen zooms in on Hero sitting up with stars going around their head.»

Hero: The Chaos Twins.

«Screen moves to The Chaos Twins in their mirror.»

Xing: We have to admit…

Xang: …We did not expect to see that it was YOU…

Xing: … who summoned us. Do you need some bad advice?

Xang: …Or some REALLY bad advice?

Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!

Hero: Since I used this ritual to summon you, you have to answer five of my questions completely honest, right?

Xing: Right!

Xang: That's one!

Hero: Wait… I haven't started yet! Can I get a do-over?

«Screen zooms in on Xing raising her fist.»

Xing: No!

«Screen moves over to Xang raising her fist.»

Xang: That's two!

«Screen zooms out to show both twins laughing.»

Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!

«Screen moves and zooms in on Hero.»

Hero: Fine, you want to play it that way…
Hero: I know that it's your job to come to people who have a decision to make.
Hero: But lately it seems like your guidance has been a little less helpful than usual.
Hero: I thought you were supposed to be about Balance, not Chaos. What happened to you?

«Screen zooms in on Xing.»

Xing: We sided with Drakath.

«Screen moves to Xang.»

Xang: My twin sister and I have been around since the first decision was made on Lore, constantly trying to get people to make this choice or that choice…

«Screen zooms out showing both twins in their mirror.»

Xing: … To side with Good or Evil… but we were always on the opposite sides of the argument…

Xang: It gets really trying. Imagine spending all of your immortal life with your exact opposite.

Xing: When Drakath was trying to decide who to make his next Chaos Lord, we came to him…

Xang: … He saw that our purpose was to help people put their thoughts in order…

Xing: …and Order is NOT what he is interested in.

Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!

«Screen zooms out to show Hero in front of the mirror.»

Hero: That doesn't answer my question I asked "What happened to you?".

«Screen goes black and fades back in showing Drakath ripping a void and sticking his hand out in the Mirror World's Battleon.»

Xang: Drakath ripped open a hole in reality and opened a portal to the Mirror World!

«Screen moves and shows all the Lords of Order.»

I've been there. That's where Drakath and his Lords of Order fight against the spread of Chaos.

Xing: Yes. There are Twins in that world too. A Xing and Xang, much like this world except our roles are reversed.

«Screen moves to show the Mirror Twins.»

Xing: Xing tries to get people to do thae right or noble thing…

Xang: … and Xang tries to get them to do the evil or selfish thing.

«Screen fades out and back in to show the Chaos Twins in their mirror again.»

Xing: Drakath reached into that Mirror World and switched their Evil Xang with our worlds Good Xang.

Xang: Now my sister and I have everything in common…

Xing: …and the other pair of goodie-goodie Twins are stuck in the Mirror World!

Xang: Now we work for Drakath.

Xing: …and try to get everyone to make the most Chaotic decisions we can!

«Screen zooms out to show Hero in front of the mirror again.»

Hero: That explains so much of what's been going on recently in this world!
Hero: Alright, my next question…
Hero: When will Drakath decide which of the Trolls or Horcs he will make into his next Chaos Lord?

«Screen zooms in on Xang raising her fist.»

Xang: The decision has already been made.

«Screen moves to Hero again.»

Hero: WHAT?

«Screen zooms out showing Hero in front of the mirror again.»

Xing: Oh yes. Drakath ALREADY knows who he wants to make into his next servant of Chaos.

Xang: Now, we're just having fun making them jump through hoops for us.

«Screen zooms in on Xing and Xang laughing again.»

Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!

«Screen moves over to Hero.»

Hero: I'll never let you get away with this! I'll tell them all.

Xing: Go right ahead.

Xang: Tell them whatever you like.

Xing: They'll never listen to you and even if they did…

Xang: …they can't risk displeasing us.

«Screen zooms in on Xing again.»

Xing: The Trolls are sacred of the Horcs gaining the power of a Chaos Lord on their side…

«Screen moves over to Xang again.»

Xang: The Horcs dislike magic but they refuse to let the one of the Trolls become a Chaos Lord and gain the upper hand…

«Screen moves back over to Xing raising her fist again.»

Xing: Their fear and distrust of each other will keep them dancing around and spreading chaos for us for WEEKS…

«Screen moves back over to Xang raising her fist again.»

Xang: …Each side will do exactly what we ask to gain the power of Chaos, before we finally reveal the real Chaos Lord to them.

«Screen zooms out to show Hero in front of the mirror again.»

Hero: Then I've chosen my final question…
Hero: How do I defeath Drakath?!

Xing: Oh, sorry hero. You've asked five questions…

Xang: …and gotten five answers in return.

«Screen zooms in on Hero.»

Hero: Hey, I only asked FOUR! Don't try and short-change me!

«Screen moves to the Chaos Twins in their mirror.»

Xing: No, you asked five.

Xang: Number one: You asked if you could ask five questions…

Xing: I said yes.

Xang: Number two: You asked for a mulligan.

Xing: I said no.

Xang: Number three: You asked what happened to us.

Xing: We told you, directly and honestly.

Xang: Number four: You asked when Drakath would decide upon either a Troll or a Horc to make into a Chaos Lord.

Xing: We told you he had already decided.

«Screen zooms in on Xang.**

Xang: Number five: You asked "WHAT?" in disbelief when we told you the decision had already been made.

«Screen moves over to Xing.»

Xing: We repeated our previous answer and clarified.

«Screen moves out to show Hero in front of the mirror again.»

Hero: That doesn't count!

Xang: Of course it does.

Xing: "What?" is a perfectly reasonable question.

Xang: It ends in a question mark and everything.

«Screen zooms in to only show the Chaos Twins in their mirror.»

Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!

«Screen zooms out to show Hero in front of the mirror again!»

Hero: Xing, Xang… listen to reason. This game you're playing might start a WAR!

«Screen starts going from dark to light then moves up to the sky showing the Moon moving from in front of the Sun.»

«Screen moves back down to show Hero in front of the mirror again!»

Xing: Awwww. It looks like our time is up.

Xang: We'll be seeing you around Bloodtusk Ravine, hero.

«Screen zooms in on the Twins laughing in their mirror again!

Xing & Xang: Good-Bye! Teeheeheehee!

«Mirror slowly fades away.»

«Screen zooms out showing Hero all alone in the middle of Bloodtusk's Crossroads.»

Hero: I can't believe this. I have the chance to stop a Chaos Lord from being created and nobody will believe me!

«Hero stomps his foot.»

Hero: I've got to find a way to make the Trolls and Horcs listen.

«Screen fades.»

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