EbilCorp Collective


«Scene: Close up on Chairman Platinum walking»

Chairman Platinum: EbilCorp.
Chairman Platinum: In the past, we have been known for being #1 enemy of Artix Entertainment.
Chairman Platinum: But today, we are here to change that.
Chairman Platinum: Today, I want to reveal our newest project.

«Close up on Chairman Platinum's smug-face»

Chairman Platinum: The EbilCorp Collective.
Chairman Platinum: A program where some of the most influential people in Lore can express their passions!
Chairman Platinum: We here at EbilCorp hope that this Collective will bring together people from all walks of life and talents and bring them under the roof of one company!
Chairman Platinum: We hope that together, the EbilCorp Collective will make Lore a better place for everyone, (especially me), to live!
Chairman Platinum: And to prove that we are truly turning a new leaf and becoming a force of good, EbilCorp is proud to announce its brand new headquarters! EbilCorp Tower!
Chairman Platinum: Located in the beautiful Evil Hub Town: Dreadrock Citadel!
Chairman Platinum: Come on down and join the EbilCorp Collective today!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: EbilCorp Collective logo appears on the Screen»

«Scene fades»

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