Ebil Dread Army



«Scene: George Lowe standing by the Fireplace in Ranger Lowe Camp»

Ebil Dread Busters

George Lowe: How did I get my wooden peg leg you ask?
George Lowe: Heh heh heh, Well let me tell you. It was on a dark and spooky night… on a night just like tonight.
George Lowe: Everyone knows that Artix is a fearless paladin who battles the undead.
George Lowe: His trusty battleaxe has defeated Skeletons, Vampires, Mummies, Daddies… I didn't write that one. DeafKnights, and even Knights with normal hearing. Hehe, get it.. see 'cause, DEAFknights… that's *ahem*. In comedy we call that a "turn".
George Lowe: … the ghosts of Frostvale past, present and future… and even giant flying Toilet Gnats! Ya know the kind that, when ya go in an old movie theater urinal come blasting out the second water hits. Those too!…. and even giant flying Dracoliches.
George Lowe: But there are evils that cause even the most hardened undead slayers to shake in their +1 boots.

«Scene: Beleen leading an army of pink skeletons and ghosts towards Artix»

Beleen: Teee hee heee!

«Scene: Back to George Lowe»

George Lowe: May the fates have mercy on us all. Beleen, the pretty, pretty, Pink-o-mancer. and her super adorable army in pink armor and little bows were mere days from taking over the world. Artix was the world's last hope of surviving this pink onslaught.
George Lowe: He had already sacrificed so much for the fate of Lore. You heard of pink eye? Well, he got pink hand. Unable to cope with actually having touched the color pink, Artix did the only reasonable thing… he replaced his hand with a Chainsaw.

«Scene: Close up on Artix's Chainsaw hand»
«Scene: Back to George Lowe»

George Lowe: There is only one hope to stop this evil…. to obtain an ancient and powerful book… the George Lowe-anomicon!

«Close up on George Lowe's face»

George Lowe: In the pages of this ancient tome is a tale of a hero from long ago who had stopped the armies of the dreaded pink-ites in their home dimension of Skello-kittyia. He knew the secret to stopping them MUST be inside, so he began his search…

«Scene fades»

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