Eat the Acorn, Zhu!



«Scene: Jing in Zhu's dream world»

Jing: I won't give up my power! I can keep this going forever if I have to!

Hero: Do you really want that, though?
Hero: To spend the rest of your life in someone else's dream, fighting to keep them asleep?

Jing: Surely it won't come to that.

Hero: Ha! You have no idea how stubborn I can be.

Zhu: Oh, how exhausting all this is!
Zhu: It's really starting to make me hungry.

Jing: Stop! Don't you dare eat that acorn!

Hero: Why not? Is that what will break the spell?

Jing: Uh. No?

Hero: Eat the acorn, Zhu!

«Zhu eats the acorn»

Jing: Augh! No!

«In a flash of light, everyone is back to the real world»

Jing: Jerk.

«Zhu sticks out his tongue»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Everyone gathered in front of a house»

Ai no Miko: Well, this didn't go too badly, I guess.
Ai no Miko: At least we got everything sorted out in time for the fireworks!

Jing: Yeah, yeah, I know. No thanks to me.

Hero: At least she's letting you BE here.

Ai no Miko: That was Zhu's choice, not mine.

Hero: Oh, really? That was generous of him.

Zhu: It's more important for us to all be at peace than it is for me to uphold some petty grudge.
Zhu: If we're not, then how will that affect Yokai?

«Everyone looks up at the fireworks»

Zhu: Anyway, I won't have to worry about this one for another 12 years.

Jing: Ha! But when that time comes, you'd better watch out!
Jing: I'm gonna spend the next decade planning a new prank!

Zhu: And I'll be spending the next decade getting ready for it.

«Scene fades»

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