Easy As Pie



«Scene: Voltaire sits on the awning of a entrance to a building, playing the guitar. There's a sign that says "BEWARE The Beat of Pirates Bay" in the background»

Aurelio Voltaire: Do you remember, way back in the day…

«Scene: A skeletal fishman»

Aurelio Voltaire: …when we fought the Beast of Pirate Bay?

Hero: How could I forget?

«Scene: The Hero and Voltaire sitting in Yulgar's Inn with several flasks of moglinberry juice»

Hero: …For a "ghost ship", if sure was pretty solid.

Aurelio Voltaire: It's still down there, you know!
Aurelio Voltaire: And in the wreckage is hidden a secret, pirate treasure!

Hero: Wow, really?

Aurelio Voltaire: That's what I've been told! Gold… jewels… boxes of strawberry pocky…
Aurelio Voltaire: …I'm actually not sure what's in there. But whatever it is was on the ship when it sank!
Aurelio Voltaire: I told my dear friend Hargoyle about it… the little dickens just loves helping people out.
Aurelio Voltaire: He said he'd find it for me, and flew off like a bat out of… heck.
Aurelio Voltaire: But that was a month ago, and I haven't seen him since!

Hero: Oh, no. Poor little guy.

Aurelio Voltaire: You got it!
Aurelio Voltaire: I need someone to help me find my friend… and I can always count on you.

«Screen wipe from right to left - Voltaire and the Hero stand on a ship»

Aurelio Voltaire: I got this ship to take us out to where the old one sank.

Hero: I hope it's sturdier than the last one.

«Scene: Close up of Voltaire and the Hero»

Aurelio Voltaire: It'll be FINE. There's no kraken this time!
Aurelio Voltaire: We just need to dive down to the wreckage and retrieve my treasure - and one very soggy bat.
Aurelio Voltaire: Easy as pie!
Aurelio Voltaire: Aha. We MUST be at the right place now.

Hero: How can you tell?

«Scene: A bunch of undead pirates are on the ship»

Aurelio Voltaire: From all these waterlooged, zombie pirates!

«Scene fades»

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