Earth Thief Ghost

Trapped Spirit
Welcome, Stranger! Wait… don't run away; I may be a ghost, but I need your help! You see, I was once a mortal like yourself, and I came here seeking the ultimate treasure: the fabled Bludrut Keep Sword! But as I was exploring the Keep, a vicious creature lured me into a trap, and I was cursed for all eternity…

… or at least, until I could find someone who could help me lift the curse! The creature was a horrendous beast: a gigantic Elemental composed entirely of rock!

Let me also tell you a secret… There are treasure chests holding maps of each level and a pencil good for marking down where you've been. Lastly, you can find something that shows you where the entrance and exit of each floor are!

- Earth Thief Ghost's Quests

Location: Bludrut Keep


Thanks to Anerine and Nightly.

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