Earth Shattering Development


«Galanoth, Warlic and Omom in EtherStorm Wastes»

Galanoth: No… No. Do not support me! I am as strong as I ever was. And now…
Galanoth: Hah! Just WATCH them all underestimate me!

«Galanoth throws his Dragon Blade into the air»

Warlic: Let us go, my friend. We have much to do, and your knowledge of Desoloth's growing strength will be very valuable.

«Change scene, Prime Dragons in Water Storm, when they are stopped by Desoloth»

Desoloth: Oh, pretty little Prime Dragon. Earth, you are not yet a match for ME.

«Earth Prime Dragon attacks Desoloth, without avail»

Desoloth: Hahaha! Oh young one, your half-grown form and blossoming powers are captivating. You are… precious.
Desoloth: Let us see just how precious you are to your High Priest when he cannot find you!

«Desoloth takes Earth Prime Dragon away. Change scene, Hero and Dr'Rader in Earth Storm»

Hero: Fascinating! And the crystal's structure would lend itself to magical data storage, yes?

Dr'Rader: Lore - the Earth that makes her - is eternal. It knows what was, is, and will be if you know how to unlock her secrets.
Dr'Rader: Earth is strong, silent, solid and wise. We of the Earth Dragons keep the secrets of our own Dragons… and those of any other elements we come across.

Hero: And you really could store a millennia's worth of Earth - and other - Dragon magic in here!
Hero: But, speaking of -

Dr'Rader: Arradia! She is *choke* GONE! I cannot sense her!
Dr'Rader: A wall of psychic fog clouds my Sight! Rally the gargoyles! Roll out the boulders! We must go! Resc -

Hero: Her, hey! Hold a moment. WHERE is the Proto-Earth Prime? She was conferring with her fellow Primes.
Hero: Surely they are all safe.
Hero: What am I saying? Of COURSE they're not safe. Grab your sharpest shard weapons, Wise One. We go!-

«Hero and Dr'Rader run a bit, then Warlic and Galanoth teleport in»

Hero: Warlic! Good timing! And Gal -
Hero: Gal - your ARM! Wha - when - HOW?!

Galanoth: Desoloth is MINE. Mark my words, <Hero>. There will be NO imprisonment.
Galanoth: His life for my arm. It is the way.

Hero: I won't argue, but we must discuss it - all of Desoloth's fate - with the Wise Ones. You know that.
Hero: Are you hale? Not whole, I know, but can you battle? I will not ask you to fight when you are newly healed.

Warlic: He is as strong as he ever was. If there is a fight to be had - and when is there not? - He will be at your back.
Warlic: But Earth is in turmoil, do you not feel it? Lore, she cries! What has happened here?
Warlic: Did you not successfully raise the Proto-Primes from the magical sanctuary they were kept in?
Warlic: Did they not make the transition back to their original selves successfully?

Dr'Rader: I call on the very Earth itself, ArchMage! My Prime has been kidnapped, JUST when we had recovered her!
Dr'Rader: It can only be Desoloth! <Hero> and I will go, we marshall the forces of Earth. We WILL get Arradia back!

Hero: Warlic, you will help us, won't you?

Warlic: My friend, I am sorry. Can you not feel the elements? Look inside, connect to your Air magic.
Warlic: They are ALL rising, frenzying. Time grows short, and I sense that Desoloth is on the move.

Galanoth: War is coming. The dragons, the elements. Peace has no place here anymore.
Galanoth: Prepare for battle, <Hero>, because it comes. Whether or not you are ready.

Dr'Rader: Arradia, my Prime! Forgive me, *shudder* but the DragonSlayer is right.
Dr'Rader: We need you, <Hero>. You must journey to the heart of Arradia's Realm, gather the secrets that will allow us to defeat her captor.
Dr'Rader: I will scry out her location, her condition, with the ArchMage to keep my sight clear of Desoloth's interference.
Dr'Rader: With the knowledge you learn - secrets even I cannot unlock without a full fellowship of Earth Priests - we stand a chance.
Dr'Rader: Desoloth prepares to attack with the elements that give us life!
Dr'Rader: It is up to you to bring us the eons of knowledge which will protect our Dragons - our children - and our homes.

«Scene fades»

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