DoomKnight Trainer (Former Golden Onslaught Knight)
*Evil hollow laugh* Mortal, I have been sent by Gravelyn to ensure that all who battled have gained the spoils to which they are entitled. Behold the power of the DoomKnight!

- AC DoomKnight Shop
- Classic Doomknight (Shop)
- DoomKnight Shop

Empress Gravelyn has returned to her throneroom in Shadowfall… for those who have chosen to follow the way of Evil, you may seek audience with her there. Those who follow the path of good should visit King Alteon in the Palace of Swordhaven. Long live the truce!

Darkness is power, hero… and nobody can control darkness like a DoomKnight! Embracing the darkness can make you a very powerful fighter but you'll need to focus your energies into your Strength, Endurance and Dexterity to reach your full, evil potential. These Enhancements might help you reach your goal.

- Reserved Enh Shop - Fighter

Location: Shadowfall


Thanks to Vamparagon and Weena.

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