DoomKnight Trainer
The Empress foresaw that you would arrive. Did you follow the streak of red in the stars? That was left behind by the Hydra's Hark after its crew and Commander, Pirate Gallaeon, besieged and plundered a fortress by attacking it from the skies. My Empress sees this as an attempt to gather supplies and strike out from the Empire. She sent me to bring Gallaeon to heel, and gave me rewards for your eyes only…if you lend a hand.

Don't jump in blind or you'll trip into the brig. The Empress wanted you to be aware of her renegade pirate commander's circumstances.

The Pirate
Pirate Commander Gallaeon has been a scourge on Lore's seas and skies for longer than the reigns of the Empress and former Emperor combined. He knelt for Emperor Sepulchure, but only remained loyal to Empress Gravelyn until the dissolving of the Alliance. Why? The Empress has a theory that this isn't about disrespect, but an inner crisis of character. Working with the alliance opened old wounds we thought had already rotted away.

The Ship
Have you ever heard the phrase "Red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky in the morning, sailor's warning?" It's meant to be about bad weather on the horizon, but the Hydra's Hark turned it into a horrifying prophecy. A red sky on the horizon blotting out the sun means that the Hydra is rising. Its crew go on the hunt for skulls instead of doubloons, and Gallaeon's favorite trophies are the medals worn by famed naval captains.

Empress Gravelyn must have sent me to drag Commander Gallaeon back to the fortress believing that we would find common ground. I was once a Knight of the Golden Onslaught, and Commander Gallaeon is a disillusioned freedom fighter. Empress Gravelyn left a letter for you on that matter. Read it, if you please. Do tell me if she understands that I hate Lionfang and his prison of good morals and justice with every fibre of my being.

Gravelyn's Letter
Commander Gallaeon and the Hydra's Hark
Dusk, I can see every peek you make at this letter. Get back to finding Commander Gallaeon before he aims his ship at the stratosphere.
But if this is the intended recipient, then I am disappointed to have not been able to see you in person. My 'illness' prevents me from traveling far, and I would rather not have the foot soldiers see me in such a state.
In my stead, I ordered Doomknight Dusk to chase down the renegade Shadowscythe Naval Commander and his ship, the Hydra's Hark. Not long after the Alliance dissolved, he and his crew broke away from the empire to strike and raid several castles for their resources.
Rumors abound, and for once, they aren't whispers about yet another minion acting out because of a lack of faith in my leadership.
The Empire has seen no shortage of deserters making the last minute decision to redeem themselves in the eyes of the good and just. Losing another half-hearted grunt is of no consequence to me, but it's another story when a Commander takes his followers and flees.
Pirate Commander Gallaeon has been dyeing the oceans red long before my Father became Emperor.
Before he knelt to the Shadowscythe throne, Gallaeon was a pirate seeking to make ghosts out of ships.
And far long before that…Captain Gallaeon was a freedom fighter. He liberated the weak and trapped, and stole from the rich to feed the poor. His fleet rescued prisoners and magical beings that were being transported like livestock. Many were so grateful that they became members of Gallaeon's crew.
But, the rebellion he fought for failed.
The leaders bowed and broke in the face of relentless lightning, and the victorious monarch wrote their history book. Alongside his loyal crew, Gallaeon was captured, chained to iron weights, and dropped into the depths of the sea.
The children of the people he saved grew up in schools that taught them about the greedy rebels and their bloodthirsty pirate captain. All of his good deeds were turned into crimes, and the corrupt navy he fought against were venerated as selfless heroes cut down too soon.
This became a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Deep in the darkness of the sea, Galleon had sunk into a graveyard of ships. It just so happened that his despair and festering hatred met with the black sails and crimson hull of a spiteful vessel. One that had been waiting ages for a new Captain to grace its helm.
It didn't happen right away. The Captain himself said that the spirit of the ship took its time changing his body, and tethering itself to his soul.
His executioners had grown old and died by the time Gallaeon's undead crew gathered at the helm. When the Hydra's Hark finally breached the churning waves at the sea's surface, the children of those naval officers had grown and inherited the medals of their forefathers.
Captain Gallaeon hunted them all, tore apart their gilded vessels, plundered their medals like they were doubloons, and sent their headless bodies to the graveyard of ships.
The rise of his Hydra would be foretold by a crimson horizon, until there was no one left. Ships stopped leaving his homeland, and for whatever reason, Gallaeon could not bring himself to return.
My Father would meet Galleaon on the deck of the Hydra. The Empire expected there to be a fight to force the pirate's loyalty… They just had a conversation.
I went with my father to learn from his might, but the Pirate Captain himself said that I was free to explore his ship.
I was a child at the time, and too engrossed in secretly trying to climb the ship's mast to listen closely to what Gallaeon and my father were talking about. In all likelihood, the two found common ground, and the pirate knelt, soon becoming a Commander of the Shadowscythe.
That's why I sent Doomknight Dusk after Gallaeon. Dusk was once a Knight of the Golden Onslaught, having to kneel on burning hot coals to show his devotion to Lionfang's cause. Not like he had any other choice, considering his family pressured him into it, and abandoned him when Lionfang became an enemy of King Alteon. He practically jumped into my arms when presented with a different path, and broke every law he could think of immediately.
Dusk has endless hatred for the Onslaught, and anything good and gleaming. My other warriors believe that Galleon is looking for a chance at redemption and is gathering resources to prepare for our ensuing chase, but Dusk reaffirmed my suspicions.
The hope both Gallaeon and Dusk had for their good causes died, and left a permanent scar. All of the people Gallaeon rescued forgot about him when he was no longer of any use.
What remains of both their mortalities is contempt.
There has to be another reason for Commander Gallaeon's flight. In fact, this is the first time Gallaeon has flown his ship from sea to sky. None of us were aware that the Hydra's Hark was capable of such a feat. He had always been protective of his ship, and only allowed members of his original crew below deck. Did Gallaeon just want to keep the Hydra's technology a secret?
I wonder…it's hard for me to recall, but I do remember that every time I slipped trying to climb the mast, the ship would tilt the opposite direction so I wouldn't fall. Commander Gallaeon mentioned that the Hydra wanted to prevent his parlay with my father from souring.
Right! He referred to his ship like it was a person, and it piqued my curiosity. I voiced how I wanted to take it apart and see how such a smart boat worked. My father had a chuckle, but Commander Gallaeon…did he take me seriously? I was only six!
That being said, my Empire has become aware of entities lurking in the Shadows. I recall that you encountered one such entity in what is now O your Termina Temple. Lord Dage and Lord Nulgath presented me with research on the matter, and have been active in contributing to the Shadow Hunt effort.
Commander Gallaeon's ship can move on its own, possibly has a mind of its own, and turned him into something similar to my father. The Hydra's Hark could be housing a shadowy entity, and though this needs investigation, I will not be dismantling it. This ship's might is a boon to the Empire, and I would never treat its captain's loyalty so callously.
When you defeat Commander Gallaeon, as I know you will, make him aware of my intentions. Rewards were sent with Dusk, and they are yours if you would lend aid in return.

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Note: Appears on Screen 1 of Shadowfall after completing the 'Unlife Insurance' quest.

Thanks to Menace, Vamparagon and Weena.

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