Duncan (NPC)

Welcome to the Dragon's Lair, hero. Have you come to join the great hunt? Dragons are stronger than us, smarter than us and more have access to powerful magics. They are the single most deadly and dangerous creature on the face of lore… nature's perfect killing machine. That makes them the PERFECT things to hunt…

Once I was a member of the Order of Dragonslayer, like Galanoth. It shouldn't matter if you're protecting the helpless from these creatures or hunting them for sport as long as you get the job done, but the Order disagrees. I was… asked… to leave but I use what they taught me to track and kill these creatures and I'm BEST at what I do.

- Duncan's Quests legendsmall.png

After completing Duncan's Quests: legendsmall.png

If the eggs are destroyed:

Well done! I didn't think you had it in you, but the savage heart of a true Dragonhunter beats in your chest. I've used the remains of those animals to make you some trophies based on their own designs. It should let any other dragon know that you have claimed your first prize and you are looking for your next one! HAHA!

- Duncan's DragonHunter Shop membersmall.png

If the eggs are spared:

I knew you didn't have it in you to be a real Dragonhunter. Get out of here. Go talk to scaly friends inside the lair. I don't have anything else to say to you.

Location: Vasalkar's Lair


Thanks to Tendou no Mazo.

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