Dumoose's AC Shop

Location: Dumoose - Battleon

  • The launch of the PTR server into public interface brought on this shop.
  • All the weapons in the shop have the initials of PTR, to remember the PTR launch.
Name Price
Sword_Table.png Plundered Tarnished Rapier acsmall.png 600 AC
Sword_Table.png Precision Tachi of the Remarkable acsmall.png 500 AC
Axe_Table.png Phoenix Temper and Revenge acsmall.png 450 AC
Axe_Table.png Prized Tomahawk of the Revered acsmall.png 250 AC
Gun_Table.png Peace Terminating Rifle acsmall.png 800 AC
Gun_Table.png Precise Talisman of the Ranger acsmall.png 800 AC
Mace_Table.png Prestigious Tanking Roundhead acsmall.png 600 AC
misc.png Bronze PvP Amulet +650 membersmall.png 500 Gold
misc.png Copper PvP Amulet +500 600 Gold

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