Master of PvP Warfare
Welcome to the Players Versus Players Preview! I'm Dumoose and I'm here to teach you what you need to know.

While you're at it, take a look at the Adventure Coin Rare Items that were made to celebrate the PTR Engine going live earlier this week! They will only be availible for a short time!

- Dumoose's AC Shop raresmall.png
- PVP Necklace
- Darkovia Brawl Quests raresmall.png
- Bludrut Brawl Quests raresmall.png

Darkovia Battlegrounds: Battle for the forces of vampires or werewolves in the haunted forest of Darkovia. The war rages on between the vampires and Werewolves. Joining this battleground will place you on a random team. Battle both monsters and players to achieve victory!

With your team members, push back the opposing force and raise your teams score to 1000 for victory. For every enemy monster slain your team will bound closer towards victory. Opposing players defeated will also contributed to your victory, but not as enemy monsters or enemy captains. Protect your allies and seize victory.

Even if you loose you will earn a Combat Trophy, but winning the match will earn you more trophies! Use the combat trophies to complete my quests and buy the PvP Preview rewards. Remember that these rewards will ONLY be available for purchase during the PvP Preview so fight hard and lead your team victory!


Thanks to Haileym1, Paradoxies, Tendou no Mazo, Zheenx and .Shadow//

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