Duke Ellington

Wandering Spirit
Greetings, brave adventurer. Have… have we met? I think we have, haven't we? The castle with no end has an equally endless hunger for fresh souls. These new hallways have just opened up.

The castle is ever shifting and growing. I do not remember these hallways but I know what their purpose is. It is the same as the rest of the castle… to trap fresh souls in here forever!

Be careful, I sense dangers beyond this point unlike those you have seen before. The walls crawl with ghostly energy. They will shift and move and close behind you. You may never find your way through… or out again.

Deep within the maze are chests that contain different colored keys that unlock the different colored doors. You have to find the keys in order but if you don't have the Hollowsoul Key, you'll NEVER find a chest.

Good luck, hero. I hope to see you alive again.

- Duke Ellington's Quests
- Hollow Halls Merge Shop



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