Duck Norris


Black Belt in Taekwonduck
My weapon shop has been robbed! I stepped out for like 5 minutes and left Steven Seagull in charge, but he's a silly dancing seagull so I guess the only harm he could've done was make the robbers die from laughter. Well, now that you're here, I could really use your help to quack the case!

- Duck Norris' Quests

After completing the 'Without Feather Ado' quest:

Black Belt in Taekwonduck
Hi-YUH! My weapon shop is fully stocked again, so I have all kinds of weapons for my fellow BirdsWithHarms. If you work on those biceps a bit more, you'll soon have 2 bazookas everywhere you go. Don't forget about leg day, either! *Roundhouse waddle to the face*

- Daily Quest

Location: Birds with Harms
Note: This NPC is a parody of Chuck Norris.


Thanks to Amduscia.

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