Dryden Eigr

Heir of the High Elves
Why were Camlan's gates open, and how did these monsters get inside our temple? Only High Elves can lift the veil hiding our home. Did we… allow the Shadows inside? But why? Where are my brothers and sisters? My mother and father? Even my warriors are disappearing. Our mentors are falling to their knees, chanting nonsense… and are being enveloped by the Shadows.

After completing the 'Shadows of Aminion' quest:

Heir of the High Elves
Forcing you to fight, as I stood frozen… I apologize for that. Please, come with me… the Paladin has already gone inside the temple. That's where Clarent, the Kingmaker Blade forged for the Champion of Light, is enshrined. It must be what the Shadows are after!

- Dryden Eigr's Quests

After completing the 'Parental Pressure' quest:

Heir of the High Elves
It has to be Ouroboros, the Doom Spirit known as the Metamorphosis Maw, that tricked my people into allowing it entry into Camlan! We must destroy this foul Shadow! The creature must be in the heart of the Temple, where Clarent the Kingmaker Blade rests.

- Dryden Eigr's Quests




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