Drop the Bomb


«Extriki moves through a devastated wasteland, occasionally spewing out green, toxic fluid.»

«Victoria, Brentan, and the Hero stand on a balcony on Gravelyn's flying dragon.»

Victoria: There it is! I can see it!
Victoria: We have to hurry! It's almost to Battleon!

«Cysero, Alina, Twilly, Artix, and Yulgar stand in front of a barricade.»

Artix: The monster is almost here!

Alina: We have to evacuate the town! Now!

«Gravelyn's flying castle forms a giant red glowing ball of energy.»

«The Hero, Brentan, and Victoria are standing on a balcony on the castle.»

Hero: *shudders* Man, the hate in that stare is almost palpable.
Hero: (Which is pretty impressive for a guy with no face.)

«Screen zooms out, showing Extriki facing the flying castle.»

Brentan: It's heading right for us!

«Gravelyn stands in front of a red background with black action lines.»

Gravelyn: Good. I'm staying the course.
Gravelyn: We're almost close enough to…

«Extriki sprays toxic green fluid onto the dragon skeleton carrying Gravelyn's castle.»

«Gravelyn's eyes turn red.»

Gravelyn: Drop the bomb!

«The top of half the screen shows the dragon skeleton's right eye glowing red, while the bottom half of the screen shows the dragon skeleton releasing the bomb.»

«The bomb explodes, hitting Extriki.»

«Extriki shrinks. The screen returns to a view of the Hero, Warlic, Brentan, and Victoria standing on a balcony.»

Hero: It's working! I think we might be able beat it now!

«Close up of Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: Go, go, go!

«Victoria, Brentan, the Hero, and Warlic jump from the castle with parachutes.»

«Screen fades.»

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